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Automated Ordering

With Automated Ordering you sit back, relax and let the printers tell us when they are ready for more toner. You determine the custom toner level that triggers an alert for re-order – for instance, most customers choose a level of 15% left so that when a cartridge is 85% empty, and we order toner on your behalf. We work with you to ensure toner arrives exactly when you want it to each location in your organization.

Scroll over the numbers on the diagram below to learn how the ordering process works.

automated ordering
Automated Toner provides software which is loaded onto any network connected client or vm which has 24/7 access to the IP ranges where network-connected printers exist.
All your network connected printer toner ordering can now be securely managed by the Automated Toner Call Center.
Automated Toner sets up the ordering process exactly the way you want your toner ordered and delivered. We receive email alerts telling us when each printer needs toner. We also process Shopping Cart order here and provide detailed monthly billing.
Automated Toner orders toner on your behalf and manages shipment tracking to ensure your toner arrives on-time keeping your organization in-production without any administrative hassles impacting your staff.
Your premium toner is delivered free of charge with recycling included to the specific printer requiring toner at the discount price quoted. A detailed Excel and PDF monthly bill is provided to complete the process of taking all the hassles off your plate for toner management and saving you 20% or more lower than the big box stores.

The Automated Toner software is populated with the name of the person and the address where we will be shipping the toner when a low toner alert is received. We can add a 'Pause' in the automated ordering process so orders can be manually approved, wait for a PO to be generated or any other reason you may have such as waiting a few days until a new budget month begins.

Our strength is customizing the ordering process exactly the way you need it to work so the burden of ordering and tracking toner is eliminated from your workload. We provide:

Billing is provided Net 30 OAC or with a CC

Invoicing provided in Excel, PDF and hard copy

Billing for AT and a shopping cart for unmanaged printers is combined to help streamline billing and reduce the amount of suppliers you have to manage

Free recycling and ground shipping included

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