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Case Studies

Clothing Retailer

Customer Profile
Retail storefront organization with 100+ stores and growing nationally at a rate which will double the store count in 12 months. Three person IT staff. Single person purchasing department. Many individual, as-needed orders being placed by the store managers for toner. The toner request flowed through the IT department, then to the purchasing department when the order was placed. Each order placed individually with shipment tracked and second source efforts made by solo purchasing agent. Order volume increases as new stores are added weekly.

Customer Requirements
Streamline toner management. Eliminate store manager, IT and purchasing involvement in order process, shipment tracking and second sourcing toner when there are availability issues for product. Reduce costs on toner while ensuring consistent delivery which meets the challenges of a multi-location, multi-time zone retail operation. Streamline the billing process from hundreds of individual invoices to monthly consolidated, detailed billing.

Automated Toner's Solution
Automated Toner met with customer to understand the requirements and tailor our Automated Toner solution to their organization. Our Axess software was installed which allows us to see and manage all network laser printers. A threshold of 15% was set for each printer so that when 85% of the toner was used an email alert is sent to Automated Toner's Call Center with the specific printer, user and address to ship the specific toner at the specific price agreed to by the customer. Ground shipment is included as well as a pre-paid label for return shipment of the used cartridge for recycling. All orders are now automated, with Automated Toner's dedicated Call Center watching each printer on a daily basis to ensure it is reporting correctly and toner is arriving as needed. Second sourcing is anticipated proactively by our Call Center based on product availability and the customer's actual toner levels to ensure the most minimal downtime possible. Detailed billing is provided each month in a soft-copy Excel spreadsheet which allows the purchasing department to assign the cost for each store quickly and easily on a monthly basis.

As the store count has grown past 200 locations, Automated Toner has allowed the store managers, IT staff and solo purchasing agent to remove themselves from the process ordering, shipment tracking and second sourcing of toner. Billing has been fully streamlined.

Customer has realized both hard and soft cost savings from:

Lower cost premium remanufactured and OEM toner

Labor costs fully eliminated for toner management

Shipping costs fully eliminated

No cost, simplified recycling process



Automated Toner Account Executive crafted solution

Automated Toner Call Center crafted operational mechanics with customer's IT & purchasing team

Implemented Axess software to monitor toner levels on all network laser print devices