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Case Studies


Customer Profile
Manufacturing operation with 3 facilities in the US and 6 home users with 140+ printers from various manufacturers. Factory, office and home office environments.

Customer Requirements
Require toner ordering automation, streamlined billing and break/fix on-site next business day repair of their laser printers and Zebra label printers in office and factory locations. Also require that home office users toner ordering be automated.

Automated Toner Solution
Automated Toner met with customer to understand the requirements and tailor our AutomatedToner toner management solution and laser printer repair solution to their organization. Provided complete solution for customer that provides toner and repair service to all brands of laser printers and Zebra label printers. Software was loaded at the 6 home office users sites so their printers could be managed just like the printers on the main network at the 3 factory and office locations. Assigned local primary and secondary techs assuring the customer would feel at ease knowing that their printers will always be online. An evergreen yearly Monthly Maintenance Contract (MMC) agreement was put in place for next business day on-site repair service which includes parts, labor, travel and shipment. The only items not covered for service are the items the manufacturer deems a consumable such as toner or maintenance kits. Automated Toner installs maintenance kits at no charge while under agreement if the kit is purchased from Automated Toner. Printers can be removed from agreement as needed.

Automated Toner has maintained full uptime for all printers under agreement going on 3 years in 2012.
Customer has realized both hard and soft cost savings from:

Eliminated need to hire full time staff to manage service, order toner, track shipments and manage billing. Minimum $5k a year plus benefits savings

Dramatically lower cost alternative to refreshing printers by maintaining legacy gear

No loss of productivity for IT, purchasing or end-users for any administrative task associated with toner or printers

Frees up IT staff from big time drain to focus on more critical IT functions


Automated Toner Account Executive and Field Services Account Executive crafted solution

Automated Toner Call Center crafted operational mechanics with customer's IT staff