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Case Studies

Regional Bank

Customer Profile
Midwest bank with 21 locations and 60+ printers from various manufacturers. High volume, time-critical printing.

Customer Requirements
Require toner ordering automation, streamlined billing. Let existing inventories of toner be depleted before new toner shipments commence.

Automated Toner Solution
Automated Toner met with customer to understand the requirements and tailor our Automated Toner toner management solution to their organization. Provided complete solution for customer that provides toner to their locations accurately ensuring 100% in-production performance from their printers. Setup custom alerts on each printer to let us know if a printer is 'managed' or 'unmanaged'. When legacy purchased toner is used our Call Center is notified and changes printer to 'managed' status. Reduced the administrative hassles of processing hundreds of invoices from multiple toner suppliers to a single detailed invoice per month.

Automated Toner has maintained full uptime for all printers under agreement nearly 1 year in 2012.
Customer has realized both hard and soft cost savings from:

Saving 30% on average from previous spend on toner purchased through big box office supply stores

No loss of productivity for IT, purchasing or end-users for any administrative task associated with toner once legacy inventories were depleted

Ordering process which is customized to suit the needs of the organization and is as low-impact as possible on customer staff


Automated Toner Account Executive crafted solution

Automated Toner Call Center crafted operational mechanics with customer's IT staff