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Case Studies


Customer Profile
University with 3 campuses in 3 states and 130+ printers from various manufacturers.

Customer Requirements
Require toner ordering automation for multiple buildings at 3 campus locations with streamlined billing. Highly customized shipping system that codes each label with the identification of the printer, building and end-user.

Automated Toner Solution
Automated Toner met with customer to understand the requirements and tailor our Automated Toner toner management solution to their organization. A system was devised that allowed proper internally billing and 100% accurate shipment to dozens of buildings on multiple campuses. Provided complete solution for customer to provides toner to their locations ensuring 100% in-production performance from their printers. Reduced the administrative hassles of processing hundreds of invoices from multiple toner suppliers to a single detailed invoice per month.

Automated Toner has maintained full uptime for all printers under agreement nearly 3 years in 2012.
Customer has realized both hard and soft cost savings from:

Saving 30% on average from previous spend on toner purchased through other sources

No loss of productivity for IT, purchasing or end-users for any administrative task associated with toner

Ability to get the job done and automated – no other solution tested or proposed had worked


Automated Toner Account Executive crafted solution

Automated Toner Call Center crafted operational mechanics with customer's IT staff